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Doc Martin, Doc and Louisa and Bert Large Chocolate Bars

Doc Martin, Doc and Louisa and Bert Large Chocolate Bars


Item Description:

Kernow chocolate is a family run business based in North Cornwall, who make and supply Doc Martin chocolate bars just for us!

Made from sustainably grown cocoa.

Doc Martin and Buddy - Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate
Cornish Sea Salt and a sweet natural caramel flavour added our classic milk chocolate to create a taste sensation that’s a real crowd pleaser. (Best Seller)

Allergy List: Milk & Soya

Doc Martin & Louisa - Traditional Milk Chocolate
Smooth, delicious and creamy, this may very well be the chocolate that ruins all other chocolate bars for you – and we’re not sorry!

Allergy List: Milk & Soya

Doc Martin - Cream Tea Milk Chocolate
Our milk chocolate with strawberry flavoured jelly pieces and creamy biscuit pieces. The bar Cornwall cried out for, and we’ve duly delivered.

Allergy List: Milk, Soya, Wheat, Butter

Bert Large - Honeycomb Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate bar laced with tiny shards of sweet, yummy honeycomb. It’s like panning for gold!

Allergy List: Milk, Soya

Doc Martin - Orange Milk Chocolate

Smooth and creamy milk chocolate infused with natural orange oil. One of our favourites!

Allergy List: Milk, Soya

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